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Do you have questions about your vehicle that you need answered by a mechanic? Continue reading for tips on keeping your vehicle in top condition. Our goal is help you and prove to you why we’re called the trusty mechanic in Brantford.

Brake pads

What Components Go Into Vehicle Brakes

In this article you’ll learn about the key components that go into and are integral to your vehicle’s brake system. Having a basic understanding these components is important for maintaining the functionality of your brakes and can help you diagnose potential problems before you bring your vehicle to a mechanic for brake repair services. Since […]


How the Presence of Air in the ABS System Affects Brake Performance

Here we explain how brake performance is affected by air in the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). Air within the ABS module undermines the hydraulic pressure needed for optimal brake function. The Detrimental Effects of Air on ABS Performance Air in the ABS system reduces the effectiveness of your brakes and leads to increased stopping distances […]

Failed engine block

My Car Completely Died! Avoiding Complete Engine Failure

The Risks of Engine Failure Engine failure means there’s a significant problem with your vehicle. When a car engine fails, it can bring your vehicle to a complete halt and lead to costly repairs. Understanding the risks and signs of potential engine failure, will help maintain the longevity and performance of your car. Engine oil […]

Fuel gauge in car dashboard

How To Tell If Your Fuel Line is Leaking or Damaged

Regular maintenance keeps your vehicle in top condition, especially when it concerns the fuel line. Gas is one of the chemicals that power a motor vehicle and a healthy fuel line ensures your car runs efficiently and safely. Identifying signs of a leaking or damaged fuel line Identifying the signs of a leaking or damaged […]

Clean throttle housing

How to Maximize Your Vehicle’s Fuel Efficiency

A lot of our customers looking for a Brantford mechanic ask us how they can optimize their fuel efficiency. Fuel efficiency is a major concern for many drivers – whether to save money, reduce carbon, or extend the life of our vehicles – we all want to get the most out of each litre of […]

Steering wheel

A Short Guide to the Chemicals that Power Your Car

Cars are a marvel of engineering and chemistry – from the gasoline that powers your car to the fluids that keep it running – every component has a vital role. In this guide, we will explore the essential chemicals that make your car function effectively. Which Chemicals Do Cars Need to Run The following is […]

New car battery

A Short Guide to Maximizing Car Battery Life & Performance

Maintaining your car battery is easy but crucial to keeping your vehicle running at peak performance. In this short guide, we’ll reveal some basic techniques to extending a battery’s lifespan, battery maintenance, avoiding overcharges and reducing parasitic loads. We’ll also share some best practices that help keep your vehicle running smoothly. Discover how to maintain […]

Vehicle exhaust emissions

The Top 10 Possible Reasons a Vehicle May Have High Emissions

Let’s explore the top 10 possible reasons a vehicle may have high emissions. By understanding the causes of high emissions, we can take steps to reduce them, optimize how our vehicle operates and protect the planet too. Vehicle Emissions are a Major Source of Air Pollution Vehicle emissions are a major source of air pollution, […]

Motorcycle calipers

Reasons Your Motorcycle Brake Calipers May Be Locking Up

If you’re stranded on the side of the road with your calipers locked up, use this article to troubleshoot some of the possible causes. There are a few different things that can cause this locking up, so let’s go over the common causes: Common Causes Stuck parking brake The parking brake is a common reason. […]

Air conditioning vents

Top Reasons Your Car Air Conditioner Doesn’t Work

A car air conditioner is not something most drivers think about on a regular basis. It’s usually just there, doing its job and keeping you cool when you need it. However, if your car’s AC system isn’t working properly, you’ll pretty much know immediately and like many of us, you won’t be happy about it. […]

Car stored with cover

How to Prepare Your Vehicle For Longterm Storage

If you’re thinking about storing your car for a while, do the following things to ensure sure it doesn’t get damaged or loses its value. The following are 10 simple tips by a mechanic that will help you prepare your vehicle before storage. Remove Most Things from the Vehicle First, remove all loose items from […]

Close up of car brakes

The Signs You Need To Inspect or Replace the Brakes on Your Vehicle

As we drive, our vehicle is subject to wear and tear but what are the signs we need new brakes or need to fix them? Continue reading to find out. As your trusty Brantford mechanic, we’ve decided it’s a good idea to put this information out there for people who are curious as to why […]

Vehicle air vents

What’s That Smell And What’s Wrong With My Car?

You get into your car, turn the engine on and something doesn’t smell right. You’re not alone so we’ve listed what the problem could be. This happens all the time and worries a lot of drivers, especially if the smell is bad and the car doesn’t seem to be working properly. Before you make an […]

Mechanic doing oil change

Everything That’s Involved In An Oil Change

Neglecting your oil changes can lead to engine damage or even engine failure, so all drivers should understand the basics of an oil change. An oil change is one of the most frequent and important services for any vehicle. The following are the most frequently asked questions about oil changes: How Can I Tell if […]

Checking oil for safety inspection

What’s Checked In A Vehicle Certified Safety Inspection Check

What needs to be checked to safety certify a car? It’s time to get your vehicle safetied, and you want to know what your mechanic will look for during the inspection. Having this information will help you prepare for what costs to expect and if you’re mechanically inclined, fix things yourself so you can save […]

Regular car maintenance

Keep Your Vehicle Performance Up to Par with These 5 Simple Maintenance Tips

Keep your vehicle in good condition and reduce the effects of wear and tear with these 5 simple vehicle maintenance tips by your trusty mechanic. By following these tips, you’ll prolong the life of your car keep it working great for years to come. Here are 5 simple vehicle maintenance tips to keep your vehicle […]

Routine oil change

Is It Time To Bring Your Vehicle In For Service?

Is your vehicle making weird noises or feel like something is wrong? Find out all the typical signs your vehicle needs a tune-up and if you need to bring it to the mechanic today. Regular tuneups and vehicle checks will ensure your car or truck will always run in tip-top condition, save you from major […]

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