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Full Stop Automotive Mechanic Services

Trust the Brantford automotive experts at In The Shop with all your vehicle repairs and maintenance needs. We service trucks, cars, and most SUVs and provide a 90 day guarantee on parts and labour.

We are more than a pro rated mechanic shop. We are your one stop location for expert body work, diagnostic services, transmission repairs, cooling & heating repairs, spray undercoating and more. Getting it done right the first time.

Auto Brake Repairs

Vehicle Brake Repairs

Fast and reliable vehicle brake repair services at great prices!

- Brake Repair
- Brake Fluid
- ABS Repair
- Brake Pads

Vehicle Transmission Services

Transmission Services

Expert transmission mechanic services at great prices.

- Clutch Repair
- Transmission Maintenance
- Transmission Repair
- Transmission Fluids

Shocks, Struts & Suspension

Shocks & Suspension

We'll make sure your shocks are in perfect working order

- Repairs & Diagnostics
- Replacements
- Upgrades
- Maintenance

New & Used Tires

New & Used Tire Services

Whether you need new or used tires, we're the source!

- New & Used Tires
- Replace Tires
- Tire Repairs
- Rim Balancing

Differential Repairs

Differential Repairs

Expert differential tunups, replacements and repairs

- Replacements
- Tune-Ups
- Lubricating
- Repairs

Alternator/Electrical System Repairs

Electrical System

We'll inspect and diagnose all vehicle electrical issues

- Repairs
- Replacements
- Inspections
- Belt Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance Services

Vehicle Maintenance Services

Make an appointment for vehicle maintenance today!

- Oil Change
- Tune-Ups
- Factory Maintenance
- Inspections

Air Conditioning Repairs

Air Conditioning

We diagnose and repair all air conditioning issues

- Repairs
- Replacement
- Refrigerants
- Maintenance

Auto Repairs and Diagnostics

Starters, Air Conditioners, Alternators, Axles, Battery Maintenance, Check Engine Light, Brake repairs and Inspection of brake pads, rotors and calipers, Drum Brake Maintenance and Repair, Exhaust, Headlamps, Shocks and Struts, Suspension, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Water Pump, Wheel Bearings and more.

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