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Keep Your Vehicle Performance Up to Par with These 5 Simple Maintenance Tips

Posted on Friday, September 3rd, 2021 | 1,122 views

Regular car maintenanceKeep your vehicle in good condition and reduce the effects of wear and tear with these 5 simple vehicle maintenance tips by your trusty mechanic. By following these tips, you’ll prolong the life of your car keep it working great for years to come.

Here are 5 simple vehicle maintenance tips to keep your vehicle performance up to par for years to come.

Get Regular Oil Changes

Why should you regularly change your car engine oil? When you have your oil changed regularly and according to the manufacture’s warranty, you’ll ensure your engine is always running smoothly.

The more regularly you change your engine oil, the smoother it will run, and the longer it will last. Clean oil in your car is important because it helps avoid overheating of the engine parts.

To change your oil yourself, all you need is approximately 4 quarts of oil, an oil collector, a wrench and ramps to prop your car on. You can purchase the oil from the gas station, and the collector, wrench and ramps from Canadian Tire.

Regularly Rotate Your Tires

Why should I rotate my tires? When tires are rotated regularly, they last longer and provide for a smoother drive. Rotating your tires not only makes your tires last longer, but helps keep the tire treads even and gives you more stability when you’re driving.

Your tire rotation will be done by your mechanic but it’s important to schedule an appointment for rotation at least twice a year. If you rotate your winter and summer tires, this is a good time to rotate your tires too.

You don’t have to wait until the seasons change to rotate your tires. You can get your tires serviced anytime during the year on a day and time that’s convenient for you.

Wash and Clean Your Car Twice a Month

Why should you wash your car regularly? It’s also important to keep the outside of your car looking great with regular car washes too. Washing your car is an important part of regular maintenance and really helps maintain its value.

When you wash your vehicle, you’re getting rid of debris that could scratch the paint, and you remove grime that can reduce the car’s shine and luster. Cleaning and washing your car lets you keep everything polished and helps you discover if there are any scratches or chips that need to be fixed soon.

The same applies to the interior of your vehicle. If you let your cleaning habits slide, it’s going to get messy and grime is going to build up. Stains will be harder to remove, and eventually it won’t smell as nice.

Everyone loves a clean car and it’s easy to keep it that way if you clean and wash it on a regular basis.

Top-up All Your Fluids

What fluids should I top-up my car engine with? You can get your mechanic to top-up the fluids levels of your vehicle when you’re getting an oil change but you can also save some money and do it yourself.

Making sure your fluids are topped-up will keep all the engine parts working properly and reduces your needs for repairs. It only takes a few minutes and it can be done in your driveway or garage.

The main fluids you’ll need on hand for an engine fluid top-up are:

  • brake fluid
  • engine oil
  • windshield washer fluid
  • steering fluid
  • transmission fluid (make sure engine is running)
  • engine coolant

To change the fluids in your car yourself, you don’t need any tools. You only need the liquids, a paper towel and a clean funnel. Make sure you read the bottles before every change so you don’t get your fluids mixed up.

Change Your Engine Air Filter

Why do you need to change your engine air filters? Changing your engine air filter is generally quite easy. Having a clean filter not only keeps your engine running optimally but more importantly, it increases fuel efficiency.

Your air filter improves engine airflow, increases horsepower, and keeps the engine from clogging and suffocating for clean air. Engine air filters are inexpensive and most of them only require the use of a screwdriver to change.

Changing your air filter takes minutes but they should be replaced according to your manufacture’s warranty which is usually between 12,000kms to 15,000kms depending on your driving habits.

Stay on a Regular Maintenance Schedule

In summary: get regular oil changes, regularly rotate your tires, wash and clean your car weekly, top up your fluids, and change your engine air filter regularly.

The more you follow a regular maintenance schedule, the better your vehicle will perform and the less you will have to take it to the mechanic for servicing. You can easily remember what tasks to do and when to do them by writing them into your calendar or putting notes on your fridge.

Eventually your vehicle maintenance will become a habit and your car will always look and act in tip-top condition.

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